June 11, 2013

Services and Preventative solutions


We do more than you expect to get.

Dependable, flexible, effective residential and commercial pest control, termite control, and animal control services.

More on our services:

1- Time Service

On call we come to your property to inspect and perform the requested service. Depending on the situation on some cases we might be there on the same day without adding anything to the price. If same day is not possible we will make and schedule an appointment.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Services

Some business such as restaurants or food processing businesses might require weekly or bi-weekly services. These services might be essential to prevent pests from returning and to obstruct those from non-protected surroundings from invading yours.

Monthly, Bi-Monthly and Quarterly Services

Other business or home owners might require monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly services. Primito Pest Control offers a diversity of options to ease up your mind, and to improve your environment the way you want it to be.

You will be amazed, we offer very attractive prices for the whole community.  The size of the building, house or property does not matter.


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