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The Termite Terminators

The Termite Terminators

Primito Advanced Termite control

“I am so impressed with the advanced Termite control service your company provides along with clean professional workers and thorough treatments each time. We switched from another  pest control company because Primito Pest Contol was more accommodating of our schedule and offered more value for the price.”

No Hit and Run attitude!!

When Primito Pest Control provide you with a Pest Control service, what we are giving you is a service…Not a Job where we spray -> Kill insects -> And then say Goodbye and Thanks.

We will make sure that you stay protected at all times, even when we are not there.

We are here to solve your pest problems and not to “Hit and Run”.

Approved by “Trendy Home Builders”

When it comes to foundation treatment for new or existing homes against termites “Trendy Home Builder & Contractor” (owned by Gregory Kock) requires a high level of QSG (Quality, Client Satisfaction and Guarantee). Primito Pest Control complies with all Trendy Homes requirements.


Get your “DO IT YOUR SELF” – products at at our OUTLET (store).

 * Open on Monday – Saturday from 9AM to 6PM.

 * We are located right infront of Pricesmart and Flora Market.

Call Geidy at 588-4000


Fathers day special

Call 588-4000 and Ask for our Fathers day special on Termite eradication! Book your appointment now and get magic discounts and who knows…your Termite problem will be a problem of the past…

You will be amazed after we do the service!!!

We Get Them…

Satisfakshon ta semper GARANTISA

Cu servicionan di Primito Pest Control, semper bo tin 100 porciento sigur cu bo lo ta satisfecho.
Den caso cu un Cliente no keda mucho satisfecho, nos ta zorg pa e bira contento, pasobra nos si no ta laga nos Clientenan na kaja.

The Termite Terminators

The sooner you contact us! The fastest way to get a hold of us is to call 741-0000. We can make it out to your home within the next day. If you have an emergency, we will work something out with you.