August 3, 2017

Commercial Services


Commercial Services


It just take one infested hotel room to stain your property’s hard earned reputation. With our pest control service you get powerful solution for your accommodation backed by a 110% satisfaction guaranteed.


To maintain aircraft reputation it is important to keep airplanes free from pests. We provide effective pest solutions and aircraft disinfection to the aviation sector.


A pest sighting in any warehousing & distribution environment is never acceptable. We provide manufacturing and warehousing pest control solution that protect your business against disruptions and regulatory fines.


Our professional staffs will help you every step of the way to protect your valuable collections from pests. We will help you keep your business free from pests.


Control pests before they control your Pizzeria. We have the best solution to help you eliminate pests and maintain your business reputation.

Clothing stores

Everyone knows that moth can damage wool clothes. Fortunately you can protect your clothing store by contacting our professional staffs. We are highly skilled at managing pests.

Financial Institute

Here at Primito Pest control we take a comprehensive approach when creating pest free environments in all businesses, including Financial Institutions


Restaurants have always been a target for these unwanted hungry pests. Protect your restaurant and food service operation with our trusted pest control professionals. We offer the best solution for your pest problem.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops and all food industry businesses have high requirement when it comes to cleanliness and pest control. As for our team at Primito Pest control, this means helping you keep your coffee shop free of pests.


Pest issues in the wholesaler industry need to be dealt with quickly. Wholesalers need a pest control that has the treatment solution for them. We provide wholesalers with the solution that effectively eliminate pests.


Boats that contain wood are at risk to Termite & Timber pest infestation. Roaches, Ants and other insects can also be a disturbing treat to boats. We offer solution to boats, yachts and much more.

Public transport

Anyone can easily encounter pests on public transportation vehicles. We provide pest control solutions to identify and treat your transportation pests.


Protection for the various environment found in a pharmacy is crucial. We help pharmacies to protect their environment and keep them free of pests.


Sometimes the pests are drawn to the animals themselves. We offer the highest trained professionals to handle pests at veterinary.

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