April 10, 2014

Our Services


Residential & Commercial services

Garden spray

Our well trained staffs can diagnose, detect and treat all lawn care issues. Services such as insect-, mosquito-, termite-, rodent- and perimeter pest control are done by us. Not to forget about our “Monthly Preventive Service plan” against insects, which keeps YOU protected at all times.

Termite services

Termites can cause extensive damage to the structure of a building if they are not inspected, managed or treated by qualified termite control professionals. Primito Pest control is specialized in termite treatments.

Heat solution

Killing Bedbugs and Powder Post Beetle with Primito’s Heat Treatment is simple and effective, as it is a proven non-chemical method for killing these insects. This is one of the best technologies at the moment and is 100% guaranteed.

Heavy outbreak

In case of heavy insect outbreaks where urgency, time and running your business are the biggest issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have the solution for the smallest to the biggest possible problems.

Foundation spray

Post - Foundation Treatment

Treating the property before the foundation is poured is still the best way to prevent termites from infesting. Primito’s experts can prevent the termite of damaging your property with the best and latest products out there.

Roof care

Like any wooden structure in your home, your roof can be vulnerable to damage from termites in the ceiling. We prevent and protect your roof against termite damage.

Marine services

We also provide pest control services for boats and yachts. Our pest control professionals have professional skills and expertise to keep boats and yachts free of pests. 

Aircraft services

Dis-infestation Treatments is a mandatory requirement on aircraft. On long-haul flight it is recommended to have regular dis-infestations treatment carried out. We offer a comprehensive range of aircraft service

Bees removal

Bee and wasp infestations can be particularly troubling because of the painful sting and venom they can deliver. We safely remove bees, prevent their return with the use of our environmental friendly methods.


Dengue fever and mosquito outbreak evolve quickly, requiring emergency. With our thermal fogger machine we quickly eliminate and prevent these insects from evolving.


Digging a treatment trench below the foundations will help to protect your property against termites. Our well trained  technicians perform trenching, baiting and drilling techniques for lasting termite extermination.


You can also find us at real estate-, health- and service related expo events. During these events we provide our customers with super deals and information about our products and services.