August 3, 2017

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Delta Dog


The #1 SELLER on the island. The BEST PRODUCT out there aimed to control ticks on your dogs. When all other products fail, Delta Dog strikes back with outstanding results. Delta Dog is a very effective product and easy to apply on your dogs. It comes in a 1 liter bottle, ready mix with a spray nozzle. Our customers have a great experience using this product.



Skin disease is among the most common problems in dogs. Protect your dog dog’s health today with Primito’s Sarnatic, perfect product to treat skin disease (sarna) and ticks on your dog.

Tick control



Reduce ticks in your yard and on your dog with this Do It Your Self tick control. This is an easy to apply to kill ticks and doesn’t harm people, dog or the environment

Dog food


Find a great selection of TOP dog food brands for your dog, including grain free, organic and natural. We also have a wide variety of vitamins and medicinal shampoo to help your dog stay healthy.

Collars & Leashes


From dog collars to leashes with a little bling, we have everything you need to keep your pet safe and looking great. Enjoy the benefits of  stress-free walks with your dog.

Dog clothes


Explore Primito’s selection of dog & puppy clothes, outfits and apparel. From outerwear to accessories your dog will be looking its best for each occasion.

Do It Yourself


We have the most current selection of professional ant killers, roach killers, insect killers, termite killers and any supply you need to get rid of any type of pest.

Weed killers


Free your garden of weed and allow it to flourish with our range of weed killers. Whether it is your own lawn or garden, we’ve got a wide variety of products.

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